Caramelized beetroot and blue cheese tartlets


I saw the nice soft blue cheese that I bought last week in my fridge and I immediately thought “beetroot”! Still don’t know why, but I no longer question how my brain works.


I have a lovely citrus balsamic reduction and I drizzled that and olive oil over cleaned baby beetroot and added salt and black pepper to taste. Bake at 180 C until caramelized.

I blind baked rolled out puff pastry in tartlet shells until half baked (in the same oven as the beetroot at 180 C).

At the same time I roasted sliced tomatoes drizzled with balsamic vinegar and olive oil and seasoned to taste (busy oven!)

Cool down the roasted ingredients and fill the tartlets ready for the second bake, just before you and/or your guests are ready to eat.


The softest of blue cheese that did not end up in my mouth landed in the tartlets. The roasted tomatoes easily scoops out and the skin must be left behind.


You will need your own quantities of:

baby beets

balsamic reduction

olive oil

puff pastry

soft blue cheese



garnish of your choice ( I added preserved quince)