Walking with elephants

img_5446Memory come through in short snippets in my brain. Flashes of memory. Good ones. Maybe the brain battles with all the fog between my years. Sometimes it feels like walking through deep water. What actually comes through crystal and clear is the memory of walking with elephants on my birthday. So very, very special and an instant feeling of pure love for those amazing big animals. It is something I will never forget as long as I breathe.img_2020

The allow you to be near them (like some humans), and then they don’t (like some humans…) but they are quite playful and inquisitive. Those skins are soft, very surprisingly,  not at all how I imagined it. img_5447img_5395

The way they stand has meaning, which I never knew. This pose means they are content, hind legs crossed. img_5411

Absolutely amazing giant.

They are loved and so well taken care of at the Knysna Elephant Park .

Random photo’s:

Chinese New Year Singaporeimg_6278

RIP Gerrie





My mind is always occupied with colour, shapes and lately buildings and roof shapes everywhere and at unexpected places even in shops ( of all places). Maybe time to tackle a painting again to satisfy the obsession.

These absolutely gorgeous row-houses were displayed above the door on the outside of the entrance to a shop in Knysna, Western Cape. Very clever.

image imageThis shop window in Seoul, Korea caught my eye and imagination.

Seoul, window dressing.

Seoul, window dressing.

These beautiful wooden houses I bought in Ulsan, Korea. I have no idea what the idea/use was behind them but they were there and had to come home with me as well.

Indiidual wooden blocks.

Indiidual wooden blocks.

The blue and white canvas roofs were lined up on the beach in Busan-I think as part of the Ice Bear Swim ( or something to that effect) event in the dead of their winter.

Busan beach

Busan beach

Yes, for sure a continuous theme going round in my head.

Random Photo:

Window to my soul.


Late afternoon at a time of year that it was not ” supposed to” rain in Cape Town.

Cape Town

Cape Town