Kitch! Those were the days….

We spent a weekend in the whale coast town of Hermanus, Western Cape and we sort of happened upon the delightful Kitch Cafe in one of the many side streets and nooks and crannies this town seems to have. image Oh what I would give to have this vinyl kitchen cupboard! Elvis of course had to feature somewhere. image The Cafe is proudly kitch and beautiful with a good selection of Vladimir Tretchikoff prints hanging all over and so reminded me of a lot of South African homes of my youth. Read more about Tretchi at http://www.vladimirtretchikoff.comimage My mother used to have a copy of the swan painting, beatifully  and ornately framed and I really wish I knew what happened to it. The crying boy featured in a lot of homes in the 70’s! image For me the spanish  “dance doll” has to take the cake! I have not seen this for many years and remember an aunt that had them in the brightest of orange and bright red, proudly displaying them between other kitch items in her “formal” lounge, imagine….. image We only had coffee but the food we saw looked great and the service was excellent. Old Afrikaans LP covers used as place mats, nice touch!  I will for sure go back for a lunch and to reminisce more about the past. Ahhh, those were the days! image Visit Kitch Cafe in person where kitch is really cool or on their facebook page at Cafe Hermanus-“Whale Capital of South Africa”