What with buying a new apartment, moving house, throwing out old and deciding about what to get new, coupled with moving another child across the oceans to a foreign country and throwing in a Christmas and a New Year in-between, all of that in the space of 3 months. Yes tired, but good, I think.


Jack the fat cat

I bought these chairs years ago and love the old rose fabric but it just would not go with the new space. Introducing the french stripe was the right decision.Jack the fat cat of course made a bee line for the newly upholstered chairs and it is now his space, whether he fits on it or not.


Old rose print

A great change I think.

French Stripe Chair

French Stripe Chair


He just absolutely refuses to move…..half on half off, hanging on for dear life!image

I had 2 round mirrors desperate for a change and the new deep coppery shade made old look good again. Various colours and coats of paint got it to this shade.image

Random Photo:

The perfect colour contrast.I wish I knew what plant this is.IMG_3260

My sister in law (Suzette) painted this for her house recently.IMG_3275



Moving and a bit of furniture revamp

We recently moved home and one always views your furniture a bit differently when it sits there on a parking lot/pavement ready to be hauled into a big truck. Tired looking is just not the word….

A week before the big move I got a bee in my bonnet about sanding and revamping the look of my server/sideboard which I intended doing a long time ago but obviously never got around to.  I am all into the French look but I have no French furniture and with no intention of replacing big items, I shall make do with what I have.


I wish I had the know-how and time capacity to attempt big jobs myself but alas….. , even the small ones I want to do gets lost in time. I still wish I could do carpentry, of any sort, but this time I relied on a good reference and got a guy with magical carpentry skills to do the sanding on short notice and before the schlep of moving 11 floors up into a building with a heavenly view. He kindly sent me two pics of the work in progress.


Well, he did it and he did it right and now I want to have everything in sight sanded. Maybe a sanding machine doohdah thingy for my looming birthday, who knows? (Group eye-roll I know!)


I am very chuffed with the result.