Blue cheese salad dressing and Nespresso Machines


My daughter is celebrating her birthday in South Korea today and we miss her so. In celebration, complete with birthday flowers, we had a birthday lunch at home in Cape Town and skype talked to her. Such is life. I made a blue cheese salad dressing for the first time and will for sure play with the dressing to accompany all sorts of dishes in future. I did not feel like searching and reading recipes and just started mixing ingredients to taste.


I mixed olive oil, cream and a tangy mayonaise ( use own quantities to taste)

Add fresh herbs of choice

Half a cup of blue cheese melted for about half a minute in the micro wave-I left mine a bit lumpy as it is nice to have a piece of cheese here and there in the dressing. There was more than half a cup but the other half landed in my mouth.

Mix until smooth(ish).

Add more cheese if you want a thick dressing or add a bit of water/milk if a runny dressing is called for.


Crunch was what I was after and I layered salad leaves and baby savoy cabage which are the most beautiful and perfectly formed little things.

Next add anything you like with a lot of chrunch like cucumber, pine apple and dried onion flakes( which I am obsessed about) and lastly generous scoops of the blue cheese dressing. I did not add bacon bits this time but will certainly do that next time. We had the salad with chicken and pumkin fritters. Trust me, it is nice!


Now, for my random photo of the day:

This is specially for chef Mimi who recently blogged “In My Kitchen” (which I thought was a great idea) on her blog about things in her kitchen she cannot live without. She mentioned that her Nespresso machine is one of those things and I said to her that I take my obsession with good coffee to another level by taking my Nespresso with me on travels in its own travel case. Her reply quote unquote:

” Holy s&$$))))))! I need to see that!”. Well, here it is then and it saved me from depression many a time, when I just could not and would not face the tepid blueish hotel coffee that seems to go around.


It is about the same size as a small vanity case. I will rather leave the vanity case behind……


Enjoy Mimi! (wanted to say: Eat your heart out! hehehe).


Ps. I was not paid for this standing ovation to Nespresso.

Picnic at the Eiffel


Oh boy, I visited Paris again and need I say more…. It truly was the perfect holiday and the tastes, sounds and beauty will linger on for life. On a perfect Sunday I went for a picnic in the Champ de Mars with my friend Odette who lives is Paris( yeah, I have a friend living in Paris!) and together with a few of her friends we whiled away the afternoon with picnic food, French baguettes and the Eiffel as a backdrop. To die for and I even took a nap on the picnic blanket as one does. I will in the comming weeks blog about my experiences, and post a few of the recipies I enjoyed the most and also the authentic Racklette we had in the town of Annecy in the Alps. First need to unpack and unravel the contents of way too heavy suitcases and find space for things that used to have spaces before I left but now seems to fit nowhere- the usual unpacking schlep.


All excursions were started, interrupted and/ or ended with coffee at street cafes and I may or may not have tried just a few macaroons here and there…imageimage