Santorini, so ridiculously beautiful

White, blue and nature all around,  heart stoppingly beautiful, another window to the soul.

 Asian brides arriving with their wedding dresses on holiday to take wedding photo’s, even though the wedding did not take place there.

 In full dress regalia running in their flip flops/All Stars, wedding dress lifted to the knees over the cobble stones to the next perfect picture.

Then agian, almost impossible to take a bad photo any place in Santorini.


Random Photo:

Or not so random, when in Greece and all that…

Baklava of course!

25 thoughts on “Santorini, so ridiculously beautiful

  1. OOOOOOOh how exciting – it’s a “flippin” post!! I hope you are doing well, what wonderful photos – happy you are on holiday at last – I’ve just got back from 2 work trips and am not posting much at the moment but it’s lovely to read a sign of life from you!

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    • Halloooo! I have been back a month already can you believe. Work trips, visitors and a major move comming up to a new apartment. Of course I had to now also do all the revamping and redecorating I have been neglecting to do all in one go as per usual. All or nothing… Hope you are well?

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      • Hellloooo – ah yes all or nothing, I can relate – I am well, but a little knackered, workload has been a bit high – hence my very poor posting record..glad you had a good holiday, good luck on the move to the new apartment! Poli

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  2. Your photos are wonderful. I can just imagine how beautiful it is in person. For some reason your posts aren’t showing up in my reader…I’m glad I stopped by today.


    • Thank you for the kind compliment. Sorry for taking so long to reply. We also bought a new place and moved. Out with too big furniture, revamping things and unpacking… Oh the joys, but we are happy! Happy Chriistmas to you and a wonderful 2016 to you!


  3. Ha!!! as I waited for the page to load I thought ” Santoriin, so ridiculously beautiful” – And there it was Nov 15th 🙂 – I feel quite virtuous in comparision, although I shouldn’t – just called office furniture supplier and asked for a quote. the poor woman was flabbergasted – i bet she wished I too was off buying gamon or christmas presents or something useful rather than office furniture. In these times of darkness I crave order..hmm


    • You must have a wonderful Christmas and try to relax too. I can just imagine how picture perfect Christmas must look now in your part of the world. Here we are having sunshine, sea and beautiful days. First time in three years we are at home for the festive season and then a short road trip before the mayhem begins. Take care!


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