(Nagmaalpampoen) Guava and Pumpkin Roast



Nagmaalpampoen directly translated means communion pumpkin. In the olden days the chuch people had to travel from afar to get together for church. They specifically went “all out” for communion Sunday where they afterwards cooked and ate together. Later on, the Sunday meal still meant one almighty lunch, whether people had to travel or not to get together. I first had this pumpkin dish at a friend’s house (on a Sunday of course) when I was still a student. Years later when I still made my own recipe cards, I found the recipe in an Afrikaans magazine and it became one of my favourite special recipes. That collection of cards now got replaced by ipads and blogsπŸ˜‰ and somehow as we do, I stupidly forgot about this dish and haven’t made it in years. I still have my recipe box and will save it for my daughter.

My recipe cards!

My recipe cards!

I do not know what made me think of it again but a lightbulb moment later, I made it today for Sunday lunch (to which day and meal the recipe now belongs). The original recipe like they did in those days had tinned this, syrup and sugar that, so instead, I used fresh ingredients.

imageUse the following:

Pumpkin (unpeeled) in chunks

Peeled guavas cut in quarters

2 Cinnamon sticks

Sprinkle with olive oil and pumpkin spice. (I used a wonderful blood orange infused olive oil from Willow Creek and If you do not have pumpkin spice, use cinnamon and cloves)

250ml orange juice(I added apple juice with the orange because I had it)

125 ml butter

Bake in the oven until glistening, soft and the sauce is caramelised

If you like it sweeter, add sugar or Xylitol before baking.

Pumpkin and guava bake

Pumpkin and guava bake

I love cooking with fruit and the pumpkin I served it with roast leg of lamb baked with apple which a blogged about here.

Roast lamb with apple

Roast lamb with apple

Random Photo:

Art and sculptures at Delaire Graff Estate Stellenbosch Winelandsimage

Those figures are my idea of tranquility.



My absolute favourite and what a joy to see the original unexpectedly!

Tretchikoff at Delaire Graff


Tretchikoff: Chinese Girl

30 thoughts on “(Nagmaalpampoen) Guava and Pumpkin Roast

  1. Is it a sign – I go on holiday and you post something! this looks really lovely, so impressed that you dropped all the tinned somethings – and went with fresh (teasing you) – hope all is well – how big is your basil bush, I am sure it’s enormous too! And I am sure you don’t shout grow dammit at it regularly….happy Monday Poli


      • 2 bonsais – really – my beloved desires with all his heart to maintain a bonsai and even if I buy small sturdy ones that need no special care and no special temperatures or lighting at all they still die on him, it’s very sad. I live in an apartment too but grow lots of stuff on my balconies πŸ™‚ – holiday was good but real life always gets you in the end. Enjoy yours I am sure you need one – flying far?

        Liked by 1 person

      • πŸ™‚ I like that sentence I will let him know – he might give him hope – Greece via Qatar – sure you will have fun – you enjoyed it so much last time – thought that was turkey but obviously not – well all you have to do is count the days


      • Last year was turkey and South Korea. This year Greece. Some time next year South Korea Again. And so it goes. Wherever we fly is far sitting here at the Southern tip of Africa. But usually when I manage to get away I am just about prepared to walk if it is the only way! Looking so forward to the food. Of course.


      • Aha – so it was Turkey – my memory is not totally shot – food is always great, although of course you are spoiled in SA too aren’t you. I can relate to the – Ill walk it its the only way. Count those days – if you are going to be popping by Cyprus drop me a line – I did some very extensive food research while there – slow food, organic food, food from the farm, homemade food – all in pursuit of fresh produce and better than average meals, but guess you won’t be in Cyprus or you wouldn’t have said Greece πŸ™‚


      • No unfortunately not Cyprus. We have decided to stick to Athens and ferry to Santorini. Only have a total of 12 days. Would love to see Cyprus some time. So many places on that ever increasing bucket list. You sound like you did interesting research. I will research everything I can put in my mouth. Hahaha. Already the weight is not ideal. Flippet need to behave better.

        Liked by 1 person

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