Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Open Topic

This photo was taken between Vredenburg and Port Owen in the Western Cape, South Africa. True colour of the light that day,  no black and white setting.

iPhone photo:Elmarie flippenblog.com

iPhone photo:Elmarie flippenblog.com


34 thoughts on “Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Open Topic

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      • Eery – don’t know – I loved the peace of it – great to see you online – although I admire you for never getting carried away and blogging when you should be working, I love you lawyers, my sis is one, cant ever win an argument with her of course, which is deadly frustrating, but that razor sharp intellect – love it!


      • Well there are a few other very OCD things I do. Like re-arranging stuff and re- packing and moving things just to add to the stress of the moment. And of course making a mess in haste when cooking. My daughter calls me my own personal hurricane! We all have our peculiarities as you can imagine 😆with arguments I can very easily wait with patience, until the other party hangs themselves!


      • own personal hurricane – I can relate to that!
        And regarding the arguments – I am aware of that ability in you also – although at least you don’t gloat – boxed cake mix anyone???? .)


      • No you couldn’t – 15 years later….:) – yes Ms Lawyer you said you wouldn’t gloat too much, I was reading someones blog today and each recipe calls for 1 box of cake mix and 1 box of ready made pudding mix and I thought – nope doesn’t qualify as home made – but a friend of mine made this really great apple cake – home made dough, fresh apples + vanilla pudding mix – which does count as homemade – apparently it just isn’t straightforward 🙂 gloat away, my dear, gloat away, and being a doctor I’ll just nod and say hmmm, as yes, hmmmm – which is all that is called for of my profession – a kind and good bedside manner


      • Ja but you carry needles and lots of sharp instruments which means that one needs to tread ever so carefully. Mmmmm. Yes. I am very rarely if ever using readymade things or boxed but yes there are exceptions. Like always! You have a great weekend ahead and do nice things that side of the pond 😁


      • I see we carry the sharp pointy bits and pieces externally, whereas language is your tool of trade – I see 🙂 – have a lovely weekend yourself !


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    • Safe travels! I am really not at home enough blast two months hectic. Hope to have a better August. So looking forward to my daughter’s visit in August. Terrible to have her on the other side of the world. Tomorrow back to my own Cape Town, full blown SA winter or not, still the best place to be. Take care and eat good food. X


      • TAda I am back and you are still on the Black and White photo challenge, on the bright side that means i can actually keep up with you, which I cannot say for any other blog, hope you are doing well – had a Chenin Blanc from SA in the UK – having done some reading I now understand that the chenin blanc is related to the sauvignon blanc grape and you can taste that in the grape – a slight greeness, fascinating how much i have learned since hunkering down with Anatolis blog 🙂 – best wishes to you Poli


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