Curry Butternut Soup and Spanakopita

Isn't she just lovely! Art at Tokara Wine Farm

Isn’t she just lovely! Art at Tokara Wine Estate

Today I start and finish with a random photo because she is just too lovely to be last, and I like her shoes….

I recently ordered this curried soup and spanakopita combination in a restaurant in Hermanus (they did not even intend the two starters to be a combination and now it is my favourite pairing).Two dishes that has absolutely no relation or is not a known or even a usual pairing of dishes, but just the right two things to make it spectacular. For me at least.Of course since eating it, the usual obsession started about making it with my own changes.

Curry Butternut Soup

Curry Butternut Soup

For the curry butternut soup-( without quantities as it is just so easy you can just wing it):

Fry onions and garlic with curry mix and powders of your choice in butter/oil. Add chili flakes and add butternut and fry to incorporate the flavours.I also added pumpkin spice and grated orange rind for sweetness. Add vegetable stock and boil until soft. Liquidise the soup and add a bit of cream to taste. I served it with a dollop of Greek Yogurt and added a slice of a filled jalapeño chili popper (left over form a previous meal) as garnish and drizzled with olive oil.

Curry Butternut Soup with Spanakopita

Curry Butternut Soup with Spanakopita

With that I served the spanakopita – a Greek spinach pie  (with my own take on the filling) which is something I used to make regularly and then sort of forgot about it for a while, until now.

400 gr Swiss Chard spinach boiled in salt water and drained very well-press with a wooden spoon in a colander until it is properly drained

I mixed the spinach with: 1 table spoon freshly grated ginger, 250 gr ricotta ( I proudly made mine previously and the method is here, but this time it was store bought ricotta), 150 gr cream cheese and 80 gr chopped pecans. Salt and white pepper to taste.  The ginger gives it a depth of flavour that worked so well with the curried soup.image

Cut filo pastry in long strips and roll a big spoon full in triangular shapes or round cigar shapes (close the ends by folding the filo in) and brush with butter. Bake at 180 to 200 Degrees C for about 30 minutes. Do not use too little filo as the filling can make the parcel burst open and you will have the filling spilling out. Serve with the piping hot soup! Crispy and great-if you heat it up the next day, just put it back in the oven to revive the crispness. Nice for ‘dunkin’ in that soup!image

Fae there on the other side of the world also made spanakopita and her recipe (filling) is slightly different from mine, and I am sure also delicious. It is always so intriguing that one does not see a dish for ages and then suddenly you see it all over. I am very much in a Greek food mood so will keep on trying more varieties of the same.


Random photo:

Thinking.....also at Tokara

Thinking…..also at Tokara

Arty window display-Busan Korea:

Window display in Busan-art in itself! Photo by Tara

Window display in Busan-art in itself! Photo by Tara

27 thoughts on “Curry Butternut Soup and Spanakopita

  1. What a marvelous combination. I love squash soup and aren’t you clever to mix up your apps. The art is fantastic; especially the wood boy. Was the wine good? I haven’t heard of Tokara.


    • Tokara is on the Helshoogte pass, Stellenbosch area. They say the wine is good, I am a non drinker and always the driver so that leaves me with plenty time to explore let me tell you! I mix appetisers, mix art and food mix everything!


  2. What a mind-blowing combination: curry soup with spanakopita!! And then that stunning lady (yeap calling her a lady). Although I did not notice her shoes until you mentioned them, I loved her face and the contrast between her regal look and the clothes she is wearing. Thanks for sharing!


  3. Hello my dear I see like you you are traveling more than blogging at the minute and working in between – so whenever I google you I find that in fact I am just in time for the next post 🙂 – very tidy looking spanakopita most impressive! We discussed dinner tonight after getting back from the US last week and instead of cooking we went to the vietnamese place round the corner and bought food – you’d think I would want to cook but I am still a bit jetlagged and projects have a knife at my throat so the thought of messing up the kitchen is not a tempting one…


    • You are Jet lagged, I am timelagged or just lagged! Madness. This year is different. Don’t know why but it is. People and place overload and too much work with little play. Looking forward to Greece in October! Take care. Xx


      • Hm – I feel like I am doing too much play and not enough work, which brings different challenges (and guilt) with it, but the year is not finished yet is it….Take care too!


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