“Shab-Shab” Japanese dish the Korean way

Donglim Knot Workshop Seoul

Donglim Knot Workshop Seoul

I had to laugh.Twice. I told my daughter that the Shabu dish we were having in Korea is truly a Korean dish which I would love to have again and she said: “Yes, only it is not Korean but Japanese”. Then Fae posted the Shabu-Shabu with Spicy Soy Milk Broth out of the blue and she had to help me decide whether the dish I had was the traditional version or not because due to language problems I transferred and plonked the cooked part of it into the “sauce bowl” on the table only to realise that as Fae explained, the sauce was meant to be a “dipping” sauce. What the hell, I was was having a ball with this experience, dipping or not!

Condiments with Shabu-Shabu dish

Sides with Shabu-Shabu dish

The experience is what counts and the Shabu Salad Bar was a family type of buffet establishment in Ulsan City where you paid a price per head for the full spread and the only choice you had to make on ordering was the type of beef you wanted, the rest was on display to eat as much as you like, including all sorts of random sides and condiments.

Australian beef

Australian beef

We chose Australian beef and the sides of battered sweet potatoes and root type vegetables with salads from the buffet were great.IMG_7098 The pot of stock is brought to the table, cooking away on an induction plate on the table and you go choose fresh ingredients to make your own broth.The beef is extremely thinly sliced and immediately cooks when it hits the boiling stock and from there on you eat it by dipping it into sauces on the table.IMG_7100 That is where I went wrong-the dipping part for me was transferring whole portions into the dipping bowl and and eating it from there-delicious anyway.Language problems, what can I say!Traditional Japanese Shabu Fae has a comprehensive explanation of the dish and ways to prepare it at home. Other thing I just loved over there were pickled peanuts-soft and sweet with a honey like consistency and pickled cucumber, will I have to read up about more as I never had that before.

Sweet Pickeled Peanuts

Sweet Pickeled Peanuts

Since I came back from cold Korea, a short weekend trip away and a week’s business trip thereafter brought me right into February and I still need to remove the last remnants of Christmas from my home while I have a summer feeling of note!

Die Hoekie Paternoster

Die Hoekie Paternoster

Anything nautical is catching my drift at the moment. The weekend trip was to Paternoster in the Western Cape and the laid back town where “dressing up” means putting on shoes, is what I craved Polianthus-you are so right again. Eating fish and seafood for breakfast, lunch and dinner and that’s how we rolled!

Clever art

Clever art: Die Hoekie Paternoster

Random Photo:

My motto for 2015:

Courtesy The Noisy Oyster Paternoster

Courtesy The Noisy Oyster Paternoster-my new motto for 2015

14 thoughts on ““Shab-Shab” Japanese dish the Korean way

  1. Oh yum – both for the shabu shabu (which regardless of origin) must be very tasty, I actually bought a cast iron shabu pan at some point, because it was so beautiful, in the way Japanese articles often are, intricately made (needless to say I have never used it, it has been in its box for years…or is it shabu, anyhow, yummy food, love the rest of photos, happy February – oh and please do enjoy the seafood for me as well 🙂 -thanks for the mention, much appreciated. Happy valentines day poli


      • Hi there – no worries – not life interfering with art then? I am busy too, but sometimes I just post instead, although not too often, as I need to finish up all the paperwork for last year – good point – use pan be daring :)! Will do happy Tuesday 🙂


  2. It sounds like your life has been a whirlwind but in a good way. I’ve been gone more than I’ve been home this year as well…I’m glad that I’m not the only one with remnants of Christmas still to be put away. 😀


      • not at all, I just like reading your posts and sometimes when I am frantically running around I just think – b***** I must have missed one, and so I go check – and there is nothing there! Look forward to reading when you get round to it, I guess you are too busy sitting on the balcony with a watermelon cocktail .)


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