Running away to Turkey

Creating shade, street in Fethiye

Creating shade, street in Fethiye

This time I ran away to Turkey. The only way to get out of my office is to make a getaway a-la Bonnie&Clyde style. A true and proper, running down the stairs, jumping into a getaway car with tyres screaming around the nearest corner style, before they catch me….

What I needed was this:

Good advice from a friend

Good advice from a friend

And I got it. In Fethiye Turkey.Β 

Yay sailing!

Yay sailing!

Living almost on the tip of the southern part of the African continent means loooong flights and that took me right out of a cold and wet winter to high summer and all that goes with it in Turkey. My last holiday when I “ran away” was right out of summer into serious winter. Can I just not make up my flippen mind in which season I am or want to be or what? Clothes in and out of storage all the time to get the right season into the suitcase, but I am not complaining noooooo, huh-uh.Too nice to see bits of the world and to eat my way around it.

Market day in Fethiye is hectic, sights sounds and smells and half naked tourists bartering for everything in sight. I got a lot of: “Where are you from.Dutch?” No, I am too short to be Dutch even though the Afrikaans accent is similar to the Dutch and Flemish. “South Africa?? Noooo, Β you are too white……”. Β Really?! Perceptions people, perceptions…

Market Fethiye

Market Fethiye

People watching at its best with heat into the 40’s (yes Celsius!) and these women cook without breaking a sweat. How?????image

See Polianthus, I did not disappear on you permanently! Still working out devious get-away plans, alive, breathing and still eating as always!

Turkish pancakes with spinach and cheese

Turkish pancakes with spinach and cheese

I could not post anything while in Turkey what with the slow inter-webs but now that my soul is back in my body and my mind rested, I shall break the blogging hiatus and it seems my food slump is over! How can it not be with all I had and seen(eaten) in Turkey..

Random photo:

One has to rest in the shade after watching those women cook in the heat.image


24 thoughts on “Running away to Turkey

  1. Finally you are back posting, althought I would have been happy for you to post from Turkey of course , not back at work but I am glad to read something from you again, and for linking it to me so I could see it immediately – so kind πŸ™‚ I was getting a bit cold turkey – for flippenblogs irreverant blog posts – so glad you are back!

    :I) – I love the Vacation prayer – God grant me a vacation to make bearable what I cannot change very nice – good idea, I am debating whether to spend a month in the caribbean when it gets cold here – nice to think about probably wont happen, but just to sit on a beach and drink soursop cocktails while the sun sets makes my heart all happy!

    Ah too small to be Dutch : ) too white to be south african – too blonde to be lawyer πŸ™‚ – I know it well…good start back in the office


      • have job will travel – too right πŸ™‚ – and have friend doing a year in caribbean means I have somewhere to go to :)…once in a lifetime opportunity, and I really dislike winters here – although to be fair the summer is really bad and rainy too – I will think about your dare πŸ™‚


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