Ricotta vegetable pots

Ricotta vegetable pot

Ricotta vegetable pot

I still can’t believe how easy it is, but I made ricotta cheese. Who would’ve thought! I always buy the stuff but when the March Cheese Please Challenge came along and I saw that ricotta is the Belle of the Cheese Ball in this round, I thought smugly, that’s easy! I use ricotta all the time. Until I read that I had to make it myself……and of course I can’t do THAT,  I have no “cheese making things” in my house. Sulking, I just fast read through the challenge and then saw how easy it is……..Still, there is always a possibility that I can bugger up an easy thing but alas, smooth, smooooothly it went and now you are talking to a cheese maker. A proper ricotta cheesemongermaker person! ( okay, not monger but still…).

Tools of the trade of a proper ricotta cheese maker person

Tools of the trade of a proper ricotta cheese maker person

I do not even have a muslin cloth so I had to borrow one from nowathome. The rest as they say, is history. Of course we shall eat ricotta now in and on everything just because!

Bring 1 liter of full cream milk to the boil and add the juice of one lemon. That is about the sum total of the most difficult part of the process……

Watch intently for 10 minutes because you are cheese proud, very

Watch intently for 10 minutes because you are cheese proud, very

With huge flair (because you are a successful ricotta maker now), gather the family together to watch as you drain the whey in a colander, lined with a borrowed muslin cloth and give or take 15 minutes later,  gather the cheese together and lightly squeeze to drain  the excess fluid. Seal in an airtight container until use. Huh, WHO would’ve thought?! Remember to go back to the fridge at least three times to stare at your cheese creation in wonder. I shall now change my middle name to ricotta, I am so chuffed!


What to do for the veggie pots: image Grease ramekins and fill with cooked vegetables of your choice. Use 1 cup of ricotta, two eggs, and one cup of cheese mixed together and salted to taste, to pour over the vegetables. Top with more grated cheese and paprika and bake at 180 C until set and golden.It also works well as a quiche filling/for baked spinach tart.



Random photo: 

On a recent business trip I was offered a room upgrade as the TV (which I don’t watch) and the WIFI (which I do need) did not work in the room I booked. Look what waited for me…….friendly people indeed. I ever so politely accepted their offer.

Morrell's Farm House Suite

Morrells Farm House Suite

40 thoughts on “Ricotta vegetable pots

  1. Absolutely wonderful! making ricotta from scratch is on my list of things to do, and I will jump on it once we are back home… these veggie pots are a perfect use for it!

    and, what a dream that suite you got! Don’t you love when something nice like that happens unexpectedly?


  2. Ha, I stared at my homemade ricotta too while hubby just laughed at me and tried to eat it. Great job on the veggie pots, they look really yummy!


  3. Well, well Now I have a cheese making sister! Well done!! Loved the pots too!
    I suppose I will have to try it too…… that is when I get my muslin cloth back!!:-)
    Thanks for the pingback too!


  4. Bravo! Woo-hoo! See, I TOLD you it was easy! I love how excited you got – you’ll have a home-made Stilton in the bowels of your house before you know it 😉 Those pots looks lovely too, fluffy and cheesy. Thanks for entering it in this month’s Cheese, Please! Challenge 🙂


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