Sweet Potato Fish Cakes and Asian Cabbage Salad

See the dainty spoon also from Korea!

See the dainty spoon also from Korea!

It feels like I am either getting onto a plane or exiting a plane as I am again preparing for a work trip away for a week, away from my precious Cape Town-UUURGGHH. Away for work once a month or more means at least 24 flights a year without any personal travelling, not funny let me tell you.I would definitely not make a very good air hostess, or any other hostess come to think of it!

out of the suitcase!

out of the suitcase!

What with the loot I brought home from my travels in December, I could not wait to start using the food isle worth of products that came out of my suitcase. I fell in love with the simplicity of the finely shredded cabbage salad, garnished with micro greens and with a light green mayonaise dressing or also served with an Asian soy dressing in most of the Korean restaurants. I could not figure out what was in the light green dressing to make it light green but saw in the food shops that they sell the dressing with a picture of kiwi fruit on the lable, which I bought but it tasted too sweet and not like the good stuff in the restaurants-will need to google to try and find out more about this.

Round pears!

Round pears!

I took this photo in Korea as whilst there, I already started making the salad, but just see the massive ROUND pears you get there, biggest I have seen in my life and although slightly different in taste from our normal pear shaped pears, also very delicious and juicy. Which makes me think I want to make a pear and blue cheese salad tonight, have to have blue cheese after reading 2 blog posts this morning featuring the blues!

Sweet potato fish cakes

Sweet potato fish cakes

But back to the current post. I ” needed” fish cakes with the Asian cabbage salad ( with pineapple added) and I prefer a decent sized fish cake and not these dainty little things served as a starter in the restaurants here. I wish they would put fish cakes on the menu’s as a mains and not only as a taster/starter as is the way here in our “hood”.

imageUse own quantities of the following for the fish cakes (sorry but I do not measure-therefore I rarely bake…..)

Boiled and roughly mashed sweet potato

Deboned and skinless hake and salmon, poach in milk and dill until soft and flaky

Finely grated carrots and flash fry it just to take the moist out

Chopped chives, spring onions and parsley

Fish spice, salt and pepper to taste

2 eggs( ore more to bind the mixture depending on your quantities)

Flour to roll in

Dried bread crumbs to coat

Oil for frying

The process is easy, mix the ingredients and spice to taste. Roll in decent size balls and roll in the flower, dip into beaten egg and roll into the bread crumbs.

If you have time, place in the fridge for 30 minutes to set. Press lightly into warm shallow oil to flatten the ball into a round fish cake shape and fry until golden brown.


It went well with a green salad with pomegranate, grapes and lemon wedges followed by lemon coconut cream desert posted here (any excuse to use my new spoons!).

Coconut lemon cream

Coconut lemon cream

Random photo of the day:

late afternoon Paternoster

late afternoon Paternoster

30 thoughts on “Sweet Potato Fish Cakes and Asian Cabbage Salad

    • Let me know what you think when you have made them. I would love to know. Dead easy really. Bad part about the business travel is that I am never in my own house for longer than three weeks. Bleh!


  1. What a nice post! Beautiful photos and the fish cakes look so good, especially the coconut cream. I love anything with coconut. There’s a Korean supermarket about 8 miles from where we live and they sell those spoons. I bought some years ago. I use them to stir my tea. 😉


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