Home at last and Cheese Please!

I do not want to be in anything with wheels or wings soon. Back at home at last after 36 hours of continuous travel, which to say the least, was nauseating. Very. I am still dazed and confused or just more so than usual.

Seoul Airport- leg 2 of 4

Seoul Airport- leg 2 of 4

Morning coffee. Home sweet home!

Morning Cape Town!

Morning Cape Town!

Unpacking the suitcases took me two days, what with dragging an entire food isle worth of sauces, bits and bobs, Asian products and cool kitchen stuffs with me and even 2 liters of shower gel…., I liked the smell and it was on a special. What can I say, I have problems!

In my still sleepless state and a day and night body clock on the blink, I at least have time to catch up with blog reading, obsess about the recipes I am reading and put coal to the fire of my cheese craving, cheese of any kind! The South Koreans are not big on cheese and I need to catch up on my cheese backlog.

Chef Mimi posted her Easy Baked Brie recipe and I intended making it and eating it, the whole thing, even if it killed me. Full details here:http://chefmimiblog.com/2014/01/01/easy-baked-brie/

I used for the topping:

Honey and nuts with dried cranberries and cinnamon.

Tasted it and then decided that it was too sweet and added carrot and lemon chutney/ marmalade courtesy of my sister’s preserving skills.

It of course then need a punch and I added chili sauce- kid you not it all worked well!

I placed the cheese in the oven just like Chef Mimi said I should in an old and trusted glass dish that has seen better days, my sister visited and I forgot about my precious cheese!

Disaster, the dish cracked, the over-baked cheese burst open and the cheese and pieces of glass oozed and dripped all over the place. Unholy mess and I did not have another brie. But I did have a local soft blue cheese, yes I did.

Not baked blue cheese with topping

Not baked blue cheese with topping

The topping mixture went on top of the unbaked( of course) soft blue cheese and ooh it was nice! I almost forgot to take a photo(dazed) and these are the only two I have( half eaten). I do have manners, shared the cheese with the family in the end, just.


Not cheese challenge excellence but I decided to enter it anyway in the http://fromagehomage.co.uk/cheese-please-recipe-challenge/, which by the way is one of my favourite blogs, not only the cheese bits, but the whole thing.


Nice to be back home. New year, new experiences.

Mist rolling in late afternoon Cape Town, fog horn blaring.

Late afternoon mist Cape Town

Late afternoon mist Cape Town

19 thoughts on “Home at last and Cheese Please!

  1. So bly jul is veilig terug en dat jy jou meisiekind gesien het.
    Tinus het seker nou nog n taal onder die belt. Ha ha
    Ons nog in Tergniet gaan volgende week huistoe. Lovies vir alger.


  2. hello Flippenblog – the flippen cheese eh? I am so glad others forget stuff – I recently burned a whole batch of chili jam made from home grown chilis because I left it on the stove, got caught up in the internet and when I managed to get back to the kitchen there was smoke everywhere, unhappy family members, and a black saucepan. Nothing could be saved that time.. Ah well – you at least got to eat soft cheese. šŸ™‚ Happy new year


  3. Hmmm, that looks lovely – definitely comfort food! And what an amazing view! I look forward to seeing what you cook up with all the Asian products you bought – love cooking Asian food (not with cheese though…) Thanks for sharing this with Cheese, Please! – and welcome home.


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  5. Welcome home!! Looks like exactly what you need to ease you back from jet lag and hours and hours…..and hours of travelling šŸ™‚


  6. Welcome home from your long and tiring trip. Cheese is always something I keep in the refrigerator and your topping sounds especially good with the chili sauce and chutney addition. Sorry about loosing a dish and the mess it must have created.


    • Thank you! I am still cleaning, could not convince anyone else to do it….
      All the best for the New Year and yes, that topping will go well with anything but espeshially the stronger cheeses for the best contrast.


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