Festive Greetings from South Korea

We are feasting and travelling through South Korea. Seoul was ice cold as expected but the tastes and trimmings more than made up fot the freezing cold.

Christmas trimmings Seoul

Christmas trimmings Seoul

Definitely more Christmas trimmings than expected and beautiful decorations all over  Myeongdong, Seoul.

Korean Food

Korean Food

I will need to go and read up about all of the Asian dishes I am eating as English is very limited and I am ordering blindly! I love the food, especially the cabage salads and kimchi dumplings with chicken and pork kebabs.

Ilsan Beach in Ulsan

Ilsan Beach in Ulsan

Ilsan Beach on Christmas Day kitted out in thick coats on the beach!


A Korean barbecue for Christmas dinner and for more heat in a very cold Ulsan.

KTX train ride to the south.

KTX Train to Ulsan

KTX Train to Ulsan

I hope everyone had as much fun for Christmas as we did. I wish you a wonderful year-end.


19 thoughts on “Festive Greetings from South Korea

  1. Great pictures! My wife’s parents are both originally from Korea (and about to visit for nearly three weeks, ugh), and even though we have been married for 13+ years, I have never been to Korea. So thanks for the post! And Merry Christmas!


  2. Happy Holidays!!!
    I love Korean food and watch Korean program on TV every day. Kamsahamnida!
    We are going to Korea in autumn 2014, two port of calls through our cruise, Busan and Jeju this time. But I know in my heart that I will go back to explore more than just a few hours in the port cities. Enjoy your vacation to the fullest! 😀


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