The flower arranging gene

Or the lack thereof in my case. I skipped that one. My sisters both got all those genes from the available gene pool. I need to be very careful which pot/vase I use for my flowers, because the job is up the the vase, not me. I so love flowers, always have them in the house. So along came the mother of a high tea which I had for my birthday a few months back and my sister came up( thankfully….) with these ideas.

King Protea in a tea pot

King Protea in a tea pot

She saw the protea in a tea pot idea in a magazine weeks before the day and I went flower hunting to get just the right size protea as they can be HUGE.


The glass dome effect:

Flowers in glass dome

Flowers in glass dome

We shall be in faraway lands this Christmas. At last I will see my daughter’s face in real time and not skype! Christmas and New Year in South Korea will be an experience. About 35 degrees C colder than Cape Town at the moment which makes packing a funny business. Layering UP during the 23 hours travel time until the cold hits on arrival, but come hail or snow, I am excited!

My random photo taken last week in Granger Bay:

The mist came rolling in from the ocean, fog horn blaring.

Granger Bay Cape Town, misty day

Granger Bay Cape Town, misty day

9 thoughts on “The flower arranging gene

  1. I too do not have the flower arranging gene. Sigh! But you, on the other hand, seem to have a knack for it. You did a great job! And how exciting to spend the holidays with your daughter! I am very happy for you. Have a great time and best wished to you and your loved ones!


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