Carrot Flan

This recipe posted by Sally is one of those that you see and you want to make, NOW. I have never tasted carrots prepared like this and I am smitten. Endless possibilities yet again. Such a tasty, elegant way to serve carrots and with very little ingredients.

Carrot Flan

Carrot Flan

I added shallots to the carrots and cooked it together until soft and in went n blob of butter. The rest of the recipe I followed just as posted, as it is perfect in its simplicity. Rarely will I follow a recipe in its original form but really, with this one, no need to change or tinker.


Mine was served with a garden herb and dill vinaigrette and I am already thinking along the lines of a light curry-mayonaise for the next round! The flans are as light as feathers and will make a good souffle if cheese is added, but there I go again.

Feather light carrot flan

Feather light carrot flan

On a recent trip to Franschhoek I was so impressed and swooned so much about a carrot preserve served at Cafe Bon Bon as a condiment to a cheese platter, that the waiter sent me home with a jar of the stuff( nice people!). I am now on the hunt for a recipe to recreate it. All in the carrot theme, maybe it is the orange that does it for me.

Carrot Preserve

Carrot Preserve

16 thoughts on “Carrot Flan

  1. Oh, my!!!! You’ve got an amazing post about one of my favorite recipes ever! So glad you enjoyed it…

    I am going to “savor” your blog this weekend, as soon as I have time to seriously indulge!

    thanks for linking to my blog, I appreciate it!


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