Cookies and Gift Ideas

My gift idea

My gift idea

I had this bright idea to give home baked cookies to a few clients and colleages as end of year/Christmas/New Years gifts. That is as long as I did not have to bake them, not me, not cookies! I cook, but baking I do only on the odd occasion and then I like it. And I very much like other peoples baked goods of course. Enter my dear sister of and the way to get her going is to give her a challenge! My other sister, the natural baker in the family got scot free on this one because she lives too far away.

Choc dipped shortbread

Choc dipped shortbread

So Aletta baked, and she dipped and she dried the most delicious shortbread choc dipped cookies and she swears she will never take up a challenge I give her again……….but I know she will, because she blogs……. image I jazzed up pretty boxes with tissue paper and ribbon and placed the cookies each in an individual ribboned bag inside. The boxes were delivered with a hand written note. The clients swooned, I am happy and my sister is tired. image Now I’m thinking, the cookie thing can become my trademark client gift, maybe flower shapes for spring or pink dipped cookies for Women’s Day all jazzed up in different gift containers!  I am trying to think of ways to convince nowathome that she needs another challege, soon…… Check out her recipe(uhm challenge) on her blog.

RIP Madiba:

We feel a profound sense of loss with the passing of Nelson Mandela. Our hero and icon. South Africa and the world will miss you. image

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