Crispy Butternut Slices


Butternut is such a robust and proud thing. It sits there and it says loud and clear” I am a vegetable!”  We all do a million and ten things with it, but my favourite way with this pumpkin is to just slice it in thin slices ( something between n slither and a chunk) with skin and all.

Crispy butternut

Crispy butternut

Into a baking tray with the lot and sprinkle with pumkin spice ( and if you can’t find pumkin spice, any spice will do, even a spicy chilli mix).

I am a vegetable

I am a vegetable

Drizzle with olive oil and bake at 180 C until crispy at the edges (45 min or more).

Crispy Butternut Slices

Crispy Butternut Slices

Side dish or main dish or snack, any old which way and it always looks and tastes good. And what’s more, it is ORANGE, and I love it!

Random photo taken by my husband earlier this year:

Rainy day Hout Bay, Western Cape

Rainy day Hout Bay, Western Cape


10 thoughts on “Crispy Butternut Slices

  1. I love butternut squash, too! I loved your idea of even using a chile pepper spice on it. Why didn’t I think of that? That’s why I love reading blogs. You find out so many great things! Thank you for sharing!


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