Mother of a High Tea

Deconstructed milk tart cups

Deconstructed milk tart cups

True to form, the big fat zero birthday celebration I mentioned here had to be themed and that is where the confusion as per usual started. How can I choose just one theme?? What we called “high tea” was in the end anything but, as I put together a view of my favourite things, added to that the drinks I like most and in the end no one even had a proper cup of tea!


I always wanted to try the deconstructed milk tart and cinnamon twirls posted by Anel on , so I did. My sister Aletta threw herself into a baking and blog frenzy when I asked her to make scones and lemon curd as I am no good at making the perfect scones(too precise).

Scones and lemon curd. Recipe on " nowathome"

Scones and lemon curd. Recipe on ” nowathome”

She went on her own solo scones baking challenge to find the best one and the result and recipes are posted on and the best choice landed on my party table! The lemon curd, absolutely to die for!

I made a french onion tart (recipe will eventually be posted) or three which is the easiest thing of all and had to have a fruit and cheese platter, as nothing, not even a tea is complete without cheese.

Cheese and fruit platter

Cheese and fruit platter

My daughter, all the way from South Korea, via email arranged for a beautiful birthday cake, baked by Charly’s Bakery in Cape Town and the daisy theme (very 60’s!) describes me best. Sixties flower child at heart………


I think the theme was “pink” in the end! The pretty flower arrangements will have to be a story for another day.



26 thoughts on “Mother of a High Tea

  1. Amazing. You did such a lovely job. What a wonderful combinations of colours, flavors, and textures. I’m sure your efforts were enjoyed by all. You deserve to be celebrated! I’ve been inspired by a number of elements you set around your tea table and look forward to implementing them into a tea event of my very own sometime soon.


  2. What a fabulous spread! And to celebrate in the place that resonates with my soul too nogal (Plett) Congratulations on your special birthday….I totally loved my 50th year, in fact the whole decade was awsome. I celebrated the next big zero earlier this year. Time flies to somewhere I know not where! xx


      • HAHA! My head is spinning from the turning 60 thing… both grandsons with me this afternoon and I can’t keep up! But enjoying finding new blogs inbetween. I just realized I am commenting under my blog conference blogname….sorry…..I am also Colleen from


      • Oh cool. It is booked for 22nd February. Busy working on a blog post announcing it. I’ve been away for two months due to family illness so am working hard now trying to get back on track with planning 😉


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