The big fat ZERO

I turned the very ugly zero in October and still do not know if it is the big number preceding  the zero in the birthday digit that is so offensive or if it is the big fat ZERO itself. Flippet just don’t know.
However, I took my few weeks of introspection, silent tantrum throwing and general panic about the state of my age and I got over it (just) and enjoyed one hell of a birthday month! Yes month, not day, because it was spread out and celebrated.Overworked, we decided to go away for the birthday week and then to celebrate with family and friends on our return.

Road trip! With a lot of ” visits” to farm stalls along the way where they force feed people fresh scones and cream.

And what a lovely week it was in Plettenberg Bay, Eastern Cape at the Beacon Isle Hotel with a LOT OF activity every day as is evident here……..


On THE BIRTHDAY morning my sweet husband arranged a great breakfast in bed and lunch at Bramon Wine Estate followed by a lot of doing nothing.


All and all the perfect day.

Two weeks later my friend Fiona and I went to Stellenbosch for a one night stay over in Baruch Guesthouse to celebrate our birthday month. She had her birthday before mine and she treated me to a spectacular lunch at Babylonstoren, Franschhoek where I had their Red Salad (so befitting for my OCD that they have colour coded food!)


Also uhmmm………a LOT of activity on this breakaway!


This two part celebration was followed by the mother of all high teas at home with my dear and near. More later.

Random photo:Taken on the day of my High Tea held at home two weeks after my birthday.


Cape Town sunset kitch at it’s best but oh so beautiful my town.

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