Pineapple salad (I think)

My sister recently blogged on
about tapioca flour and coconut milk pancakes which she gushed about (and to which dinner I was not invited I might add. Humfff!).


Today was one of those days at the office which felt like fighting in the trenches with my bare hands and I needed to just not think when I got home. To me, not having to think means cooking (escape) and I used my sister’s recipe for pancakes/wraps.


It has an elastic consistency and the whiff of coconut milk in smell and taste and I love it. I will definitely try sweet fillings with it as well but tonight I followed her lead and also made curry mince for the filling( did not want to think at all, see.Thank you Aletta!). I had a bottle of peach chutney in the cupboard, bought at a farm stall and I opened that for the pancake occasion.


At least I had the wherewithal to make a pineapple condiment/ salad which came out really fine I must say.


pineapple diced

coriander leaves roughly chopped

chilli flakes

feta cheese!

Mix together and drizzle with dressing of your choice. I used a basil vinaigrette and a bit of olive oil.


I will do this again and again. The sweet pineapple with the saltiness of the feta and the bite of the chilli flakes really worked and will go with more than just curry mince. (note to self for when I can think again).

One other thing(between the millions I think of when I do think) I want to do from now on is add a pretty pic (pretty to me) of any random thing every time I post because my aura needs beautiful things. The below photo was taken by my husband outside Philadelphia(very tiny town outside of Cape Town and not the US namesake) of the blooming canola fields. It seems I have a bit of a yellow theme going on with this post ( good, at least I don’t need to think about it).


Okay, aura feels better now.

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