Breakfast for dinner-Eggvocados

Sometimes we just feel like breakfast for dinner and mostly the feeling hits on a Monday night.


I found the eggvocado idea on the lovely blog of young Samantha of where she posted the recipe.


I sprinkled the eggs with chili flakes and served it with crispy oven baked prosciutto, juicy oven roasted tomato and topped the eggvocado with persimmon pate.Make sure that enough avo flesh is scooped out to allow for the whole egg to fill the hole and not spill over or use your egg skills to separate a bit of the white before you fill the hole ( true to form I had to create an unholy mess before I started concentrating on my egg skills….). Scoop out close to the skin at the bottom and lightly press to form a flat surface for the avo not to tilt and spill the egg (and in the process bugger up your newly found egg skills). Bake in a warm oven. I will for sure have this for breakfast too!


23 thoughts on “Breakfast for dinner-Eggvocados

  1. Dit is nou ‘n lekker breakfast, net more gaan ek ‘n avo soek, dis te as ek een kan kry. Hehe! Bundus…… Ai julle 2 susters van my is oulik xx


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