Picnic at the Eiffel

Oh boy, I visited Paris again and need I say more…. It truly was the perfect holiday and the tastes, sounds and beauty will linger on for life. On a perfect Sunday I went for a picnic in the Champ de Mars with my friend Odette who lives is Paris( yeah, I have a friend living in Paris!) and together with a few of her friends we whiled away the afternoon with picnic food, French baguettes and the Eiffel as a backdrop. To die for and I even took a nap on the picnic blanket as one does. I will in the comming weeks blog about my experiences, and post a few of the recipies I enjoyed the most and also the authentic Racklette we had in the town of Annecy in the Alps. First need to unpack and unravel the contents of way too heavy suitcases and find space for things that used to have spaces before I left but now seems to fit nowhere- the usual unpacking schlep.


All excursions were started, interrupted and/ or ended with coffee at street cafes and I may or may not have tried just a few macaroons here and there…imageimage

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