I’ve hit the mother load again at the market today

WordPress is playing up again. Will try this post now for the last time with photo’s!

I love going to the Milnerton market very early in the morning when the traders are still unpacking. First pickings you see! The best is to go with my friend Ina who is really very knowledgeable about silver, porcelain and all things vintage. Apart from being knowledgeable she still enjoys hunting for pretty things, just because they are pretty and not merely for their value or name. Great fun indeed.

These two ladies below interested in the same piece? I left the table before it became bloody…..


I bought quite a lot of things I needed( read one) and a few(almost all) that I could not leave behind as it would have ripped a hole in my being (that bad yes).
A few of them:
Sugar bowl which I am not using for sugar. Ainsley English porcelain.
Look at the shape of the spoon! Denmark Silver.
The blue ceramic plate is Kendal Late Mayers and I could have bought the whole table full but didn’t, with inhuman self control.
ImageAnd then the pure indulgence of the exquisite Royal Adderley English Porcelain Swans! Salt and Pepper beauties.
I don’t buy for display, I buy for use (as soon as possible clearly… ) and boy do I enjoy them!
This is of course not all I bought, but the rest is a story for another day.

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