Horseradish! The real thing

Great excitement when I found horseradish at my local supermarket today and of course I had to immediately use it.

It is the Cape Argus Cycle Race in Cape Town today and with 35 000 cyclists on the road, whipping by in front of our apartment and the television and helicopters blaring out the progress, I had a leg of lamb in the oven and a stick of horseradish in my hand to do something with, while running out to the balcony every 5 minutes not to miss out on the event.

That is how I got to making just a baby spinach and apple salad with horseradish, honey and mustard vinaigrette to accompany the meat. Thought I needed to explain that…..

The hoseradish is the stick- like item in the photo below in case you missed it!

I actually managed to peal it with a potato peeler ( not difficult at all) and then grated it finely.


The rest was even easier. Mix baby spinach, apple and walnuts on a plate.

The vinaigrette:

Mix olive oil, lemon juice, whole grain mustard and honey to taste. I added a good helping of horseradish as I like it strong.

The sweet of the apple and the bite of the horseradish really does it for me.

I would have added blue cheese to the salad but there was no way I was running out to the shop again.


Photo: Tara

The circle of friendship in the background was a very special gift from my sister Heleen and looks like they are doing a happy dance over there!

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