My daughter returned home from a 9 month working stint in Chile in December. The list of cravings she had for home food started via Skype, FaceTime and eventually on a written list presented to me on her arrival. One of the cravings was for my friend Helena’s trifle and it had to be for our Christmas lunch of course. Well, the trifle ended up to be my own version of the recipe as I can not even dream of recreating the spectacular Helena version.

We recently had take-away ice cream in these neon bowls and I saved them for picnics but the colour of the bowls screamed(at me at least…) for some layered trifle.
Jelly- 2 flavours

Madeira Cake

Fresh fruit: grapes,pitted cherries,mango,peach and grenadilla pulp layered with jelly, sliced Madeira cake and home made custard. 

Topping : fresh cream and grated chocolate

Enjoy after siesta

Photo: Tara


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